What we do

what we do

What we do

Wolfe Street Foundation is classified as a 501(c)(3) Organization whose staff manages and operates Wolfe Street Center. The Foundation is not affiliated with any single 12-step entity. Instead, it serves as a landlord to various recovery-based groups, workshop organizers, and for-profit entities who meet at Wolfe Street Center. 

Wolfe Street Center is a 12,000 plus square foot facility located in downtown Little Rock. The Center holds 250 recovery meetings each month, offers two meals each week, and hosts various workshops and special events for people and their families. Special committees, district groups, and other related organizations lease meeting space to further their recovery in Central Arkansas.

Wolfe Street Center’s doors are open 365 days a year, 16 hours a day. The Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable corporation governed by a 12-member board, which is not associated with Alcoholics Anonymous World Service Organization or any other for-profit treatment facility. Wolfe Street Foundation is primarily privately funded by help from group, individuals, and corporate sponsors in our area. 

Wolfe Street Foundation’s outreach and educational programs include: 

  • Municipal Outreach/Sobriety Court Partner: Several Pulaski County Judges send DWI and other cases to Wolfe Street Center to work off fines with community service and learn about recovery. Wolfe Street is the ‘first stop’ of rehabilitation as Judges recommend treatment programs for 1st -time alcohol-related offenders to explore treatment.
  • Workshops: Wolfe Street offers outreach throughout the year on Co-dependency, Financial Sobriety, Meditation, Carrying the Message, and others.
  • Continuing Education for Professionals
  • Higher Education: participating in campus events as colleges & universities work to create awareness to students of the risks of alcohol and substance abuse.
  • Corporate Education: Companies seek counsel from the Foundation as they develop programs to recover their employees and others.